About SLO Farm

Seasonal Local Organic Farm

“Cultivating Health, Joy and Community”

Our dedicated partnership runs this small business in Lane County, Oregon in the hopes of providing a positive alternative to the globalized industrial food system. We are dedicated to slow, incremental growth, expanding as appropriate and as we are able. The number one rule on the SLO Farm is “No Rushing”.

Food forms the foundation of our lives and we have chosen farming as a means of making a healthy, honest living. Now heading into our eighth year of operating as SLO Farm, we have focused much of our time educating ourselves in Organic Fruit Production.

We are land stewards of two small farms in the vicinity of Eugene, Oregon:

The Seavey Loop Orchard is home to 200 productive and diverse fruit trees spread over 13 acres; the diversity of this orchard allows us to harvest fresh fruit June – November. This orchard is a major renovation project that’s just coming to fruition. We also cultivate annual row crops in small to medium sized fields at this site. During the winter of 2013-14, we planted an intensive block of 250 Apple trees at this location. We can all look forward to more of our favorite Apple varieties in another three years!

The Kizer Creek Orchard, a beautifully situated apple orchard near Cottage Grove, twenty-two miles from the Seavey Loop Orchard. This 1 acre intensive apple orchard’s isolation from agricultural production keeps the fruit almost entirely disease and pest-free.

Please visit our blog for more information on what we do and how we do it!

Agricultural Practices:

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Compost Tea – brewed at least once a month during the growing season

Soil Mineralization – using the Albrecht Method

Crop Rotations

Drip Irrigation

Minimal Season-Extension

Beneficial Insects and Flowers

Heirloom, Locally Adapted, Open-Pollinated Varieties

Seed Saving

Food Preservation

Fruits we Cultivate:

Asian pears


Our annual field crops include:

Green Beans, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Snap Peas, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Lettuce, Beets, Cucumbers, Zucchini

Also, look for our processed goodies:
Blackberry Applesauce, Dried Apples and coming soon…. Apple butter!!!

Find Us at the Lane County Farmers Markets:

Saturdays at 8th & Oak,

And at Grocery Stores:

Sundance Natural Foods Friendly Market, OG Corner Market, and

The Kiva.



We look forward to feeding you!

SLO Farmers Tom & Rachel



  1. We have a small farm on the Umpqua River and sell the vegetable s and garlic (~100 lbls/year) we grow, all no-spray (not certified organic).

    We need to find a source for organic straw.

    Can you HELP?

    Thank you,


  2. Hi!

    In response to your question, I would ask another…. what are you planning on doing with the straw?

    My first guess is mulching your garlic. Our suggestions are the following:

    -use onsite materials that are readily available, such as grass clippings from when you mow your lawn or leaves that have fallen from your trees.

    -ask a neighbor if they have dead leaves or grass clippings that you could use

    Our farm uses compost from Lane Forest Products to mulch our garlic, it can be woody but it is inexpensive and they will deliver a truck load. It sounds like you are working on a small scale so probably don’t need too much material.

    I hope this helps; if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


    Happy Autumn!

  3. Great seeing you every week at the Springfield Farmers’ Market.

  4. […] with water, organic evaporated cane juice, chai (from The Jasmine Pearl) and pumpkin (from organic SLO Farm). It will be available through the end of November at different locations around Eugene and […]

  5. […] trip to help out on his sister,  Rachel and her partner, Tom’s small organic farm, SLO Farm.  After monthly Amtrak or Rideshares, I was ready to land in Willamette valley, grass-seed capital […]

  6. Can you give me a call here at the Springfield Chamber. Mikayle: 541-746-1751

  7. Hi, my name is Spencer Tanner and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon. I am working on a piece about non-native plant species around the Eugene area for an assignment, and I would love to get the perspective of someone who cultivates them. I was wondering if anyone would be available sometime within the next week to answer a couple of questions about your lives and careers as small business owners.
    You can contact me by phone at (310) 967-9107 or by email at stanner@uoregon.edu
    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Thank You,
    Spencer Tanner

  8. […] markets. Running Wild Rice: This unique farm offers wild rice grown in Brownsville, Oregon. SLO Farm: Based out of Eugene, SLO maintains two local orchards and produces Oregon Tilth-certified tree […]

  9. Hi, my name is Lauren Fitzpatrick and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon. I am doing on a project about the benefits of small farms and would love to interview someone who would be willing to talk to me sometime this week about your experience running the farm and your opinions on small farms. You can contact me by email, laurenf@uoregon.edu, or by my number, (714) 267-5742.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Lauren Fitzpatrick

  10. slo.farm@gmail.com Rachel and Tom Murray

  11. Are you looking to sell at Farmer’s Markets? We’re starting a new market in Bend featuring small farmers, as local as possible. We’re reaching out to the Eugene area a little, and would love to have you as a vendor.
    More info: celebratetheseason.net/farmersmakets

  12. […] idea for this sauce. Last week I purchased almost twenty pounds of Asian pears from the folks at SLO farm at the Lane County Farmers Market. I’ve been eating them fresh and dehydrating them and today […]

  13. HI guys. Thanks so much for attending our event and for the donation of applesauce. Please send me your address so I can send a receipt.

  14. […] apples, lettuce, and applesauce from SLO Farm.(Above Bracken was doing a happy apple dance since we hadn’t expected to see them that day. […]

  15. […] grown by them, not sure.)  ::Applesauce, Apples, Plums, Green beans, Blackberries from SLO Farm::  (Their Gravenstein Apples are an early variety and we’ve been really enjoying them.) […]

  16. Hi! Do you ever offer u-pick? I’m looking for a place for a small fruit-picking group to pick pears or other fruit for a birthday outing this coming saturday or sunday. Would love to come to your farm!

    • Hello, Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry, but we do not currently offer U-Pick. And thanks to this long hot summer, we are pretty much done harvesting all of our fruit.
      Love the idea of a fruit picking birthday party!

  17. Hi, can we buy boxes of apples still? Or pick? We were lazy gleaners this year and need to make more applesauce. Thx

  18. certainly can buy some boxes of second grade fruit.

  19. Hello! I was looking on your website for your phone number! I was referred to you by Erik at Friends of Trees. My name is Mysti. I am a community organizer for the nonprofit Beyond Toxics. I was hoping to talk to you about bringing NASU (Native American Student Union) U of O students to your farm to gather your donated unwanted fruit for their fruit press happening on Oct 19. We would gather fruit during the days before the press. Please call me at Beyond Toxics (541) 465-8860 or Email mfrost@beyondtoxics.org

  20. Tom, last call to advertise in the 2018 Locally Grown Guide. Contact WFFC if you want to list again.

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  22. I have a question regarding how you manage fungal diseases in your fruit orchards? We recently acquired a small orchard and have been reading up, but would like some direct info from a local orchardist. My main concern regards fungal sprays and potential for damage to beneficial fungi and microbes as well as the impact on the soil. Thank you.

  23. […] visitors to the market. Some folks who went home with jugs of cider bought their apples from Tom at SLO Farm, who had a booth alongside the cider […]

  24. […] do see reduced crop load pretty much in all the various species I have,” said SLO Farm owner Thomas […]

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